Boyfriend Flies 3,000 Miles To Ask Girlfriend’s Dead Dad For Her Hand In Marriage

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Every person has their own dreams or ideas for the day they propose or get proposed to.

Some want something extravagant, some want something simple, some want all their loved ones around them, and some want to be alone with no cameras, to keep the moment forever between each other.

There is no right or wrong for your own hopes. But I guess there might be a right or wrong if your hopeful boyfriend or girlfriend proposes in a way you never expected or wanted.

Thankfully, if you’re about to get engaged, your partner probably knows you better than most and will make the right choices. Kristina’s boyfriend Matt couldn’t have made better choices leading up to his emotional proposal.

The video starts off with a sweet message to his soon-to-be fiancée and ends with many messages and moments recorded with her loved ones, asking permission and sharing memories.

The tears don’t stop rolling, and every second of it is perfect, judging by Kristina’s reactions in the tiny screen on the left.

But the best part of all is that Matthew shows his big heart by traveling not only to her loved ones all over the country but also to her lost loved one, her father.

The minute he steps down to speak at his grave, if your eyes are dry I’ll be shocked. This clip from this long and romantic proposal video is only the best of a long, beautiful moment caught on tape.

Of course she says yes! Who wouldn’t say yes to a man who created so much love for one woman in one video? Wait until you see whom he gets the ring from!

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