Mom Gets Abnormal Facial Growth Removed, Then Doctors Discover It’s A Cancerous Tumor

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When we first met Angie on The Doctors, we felt heartbroken for her.

She had found a small bump on her face, and when she went to her doctor, they told her that she was fine and it was nothing. They were wrong, though, and over time it developed into an abnormally large growth that she felt had to hide from the world. It damaged her life, and changed her personality, but she was determined to get back to the happy, healthy, outgoing woman she once was.

And that’s where The Doctors came in. They introduced her to Dr. Osborne and he has given us an uplifting update for this beautiful mom and wife.

He found a way to remove her tumor, leaving her looking as if nothing had ever been there before.

She felt great, and she was ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, there was one bittersweet discovery after taking the tumor out.

Though so many people and doctors told her it was a benign tumor, she found out that it had actually developed into a rare form of cancer. Angie has to now undergo treatment in hopes of being completely healthy again, now that it’s at least off of her face.

She has an important message for everyone out there: just go to your doctor. No matter how small or ridiculous you might think something is, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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