Teacher Tells Balding Student To Shave His Head, The Next Day He's Unrecognizable

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Dino Shuffield found out exactly what kind of teacher he had when they sat down to have a chat about his hair. At Lake Whitney Elementary school, this third grade boy Dino and his teacher Ehren Steiner would soon relate to each other in a whole new way. It all started when Dino started to go bald. He was soon after diagnosed with alopecia areata, which is a rare autoimmune condition where his hair is attacked by his own body, causing him to lose hair and eventually go bald. He could have easily not said a single word about it, but instead Dino's teacher sat him down to talk about his hair.


In a heart-felt mission to make sure that Dino didn't feel alone while going through this balding process, Steiner compassionately asked him more about his situation - whether or not he was going to shave his head. Sitting down to talk with Dino was an act of kindness in and of itself, but it was only for a greater reason that Steiner was willing to act on if only given the word. The deal was that if Dino would shave his head, then so would he. Once they settled it all, they waited until that next Monday to see if they both kept their word.


Though his teacher made an agreement, Dino was still amazed when he saw his bald head that Monday morning. During his interview his emotions showed through his words, "My jaw dropped. I'm like, ‘He actually did it." Whether or not Steiner regrets the decision, watch the touching video below to find out what they both thought after the fact. Just be sure to grab a box of tissues.

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